Frequently Asked Questions
This is where we'll post answers to some of the most common questions you might have while using the site, as well as about venues and other local information. FAQ's

Q: I have not received my validation email after registering.
A: The internet is still a wild and unruly place. There are many reasons you may not have received your Validation Email after registering with us.
  1. Check your Spam filter. It might have gotten caught there.
  2. Add us to your contacts: &
  3. If no email is found email us at By receiving your email, you are in essence proving that you are a real person and not a spam bot. We can then validate you manually.
Q: Can I edit a posting I added?
A: Yes. We encourage you to make your posting as accurate as possible.
  1. Return to the home page.
  2. Log into your account in the upper right hand corner.
  3. When you have logged in, go to the main page of your event. You can manually search for it, or use the search feature under the login on the main page.
  4. When on the event page, toward the bottom, find the "Event # _____" and to the right of it you should see "Edit."
  5. Click the edit hyperlink, and this will take you to the edit event page.
  6. Edit info as needed, "Resubmit."
Note: If you do not see the "Edit" hyperlink at the bottom next to the Event #, you either have not logged in, or not the owner of the event. Sometimes events are duplicated by two different people adding the same event. Go back and see if you have chosen the correct event. You may notify us at to have a duplicate removed. Please note the event # for us.

Q: How do I remove an event, or a duplicate event?
A: Event removals are not permitted by users, but a request may be sent to Please explain the request for removal.

Q: Can I edit a posting I did not add?
A: No.

Q: Can I add a picture to a previously posted event?
A: Absolutely. People love visuals, and any time you can add one, the better.
  1. Go to the editing feature on the events page (at the very bottom) and click it.
  2. On the editing events page, add an image as specified by the guidelines.
  3. Submit the changes.
Q: Why is my location not showing up correctly on the map on the events page?
A: Maps are generated using Sometimes these addresses are not completely accurate or the mailing address used by the United States Postal Service may differ slightly from that of
  1. First, verify your address was imputed correctly.
  2. Check to see if the zip code used was for your building, not your mail.
  3. The easiest way to verify is to run a search on and see how your physical address is listed with them including zip code. If the address they are using is slightly different than your mailing or other address, change to the address used by Google. (Most of the time this only comes into play when buildings are on large college campuses or in city parks, like Balboa park in San Diego.)
  4. Should you still have issues, contact us directly at
Q: Can I Pin Events to Pinterest?
A: Yes, please do. Also, you can also follow us there and get all the updates we pin.

Q: How much text can I add to an event?
A: You may add up to 10,000 characters to your text box when adding an event.

Q: What are the guidelines for posting text to an event?
A: We have provided guidelines for posting to our site. These are listed on the Post An Event page.
  1. Should these guidelines not be followed we reserve the right to alter your post or completely delete it.
  2. Posting Style Guide:
    NO!! exclamations points!!!
    Plz uz ur StRd speld out wordz. Thx
    Spell out street names like Boulevard, Court, Street, etc.
    Zip codes are the keys to mapping and human directions.
    http:// and www are important. Robots like good directions too.
    We strongly discourage using >:-), =^_^=. d(*-v-*)b
Q: How can I make my event look and work better on your site?
A: Be sure to follow these guidelines:
  1. Follow the Posting Style Guide, located here on the FAQ page and the Post an Event Page.
  2. Whenever possible spell out words: ie. Boulevard, Street, Suite, etc.
  3. Use the proper state Abbreviation for addresses: CA, not Ca. or Calif., etc.
  4. If adding phone numbers, use dashes not dots. 555-400-3089 not 555.400.3089. Proper phone number formatting, means devices like mobile phones can call with just a touch to the screen. This means easier access to your event.
  5. When adding wed addresses, be sure to have http:// in front of the address.
Q: Why do you not have text formatting on the text?
A: We try to present the information imputed as cleanly as possible. There are so many browsers and conditions of how information is being read, that we find simple is better. Simple easy to read text can be read by web browsers, mobile phones, mobile computers, etc.

Q: How big can my image be?
A: <200kb. If the image is larger, it will not upload.

Q: What format can my image be in?

Q: How far in advance can I post my event?
A: You may post up to 3 years in advance. There is a limiter on the year pull-down feature that will show you which years you may post.

Q: What to do if my city/town is not listed?
A: EventSubmit is growing. As we are able to handle, we are adding more cities.
  1. If your town or city is not listed, please choose the closest or most influential city. As the crow flies you may be closer to one city, but if the majority of the traffic for your event is coming from another, you may be better off choosing it.
  2. If you are in a completely different part of the US or an international city, please use the Web Events Area. People looking for international events will best find your event there.
Q: What to do if my type of event is not listed?
A: As you can imagine we cannot list every time of event. We have chosen the categories we feel make the most sense. Over time these may change. As an example, for “Meditation”, we would suggest either Community or Self Help depending on what you think might work better.

Q: Do I need to register to use your site?
A: To peruse and look for an event, no. To post an event yes.

Q: Why do I have to register to post an event?
A: There are several reasons we ask event posters to register.
  1. We want to be sure people posting really are people. Spam bots love to seek and smear sites like ours.
  2. We want to be in touch with you. People who post are very important to us and our life blood. We want to be able to tell you of new developments. Also, should something be or go wrong, we want to know how to contact you.
Q: Why do you have a Web Events area, and what is this for?
A: Some events really are on the web only, like a webcast class or particular event. We strive to grow and get bigger. We also use this area for a catch-all area for metro areas we do not yet have a significant presents in yet. If you are rockin’ a super concert in Buenos Aires or Madrid and want people to know. This is your place.

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Other Questions

Q: What other questions do you have for us?
A: Tell us at so we can post them here.
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